Modern Malware Analysis: Better, Faster, Cheaper

Malware Analysis Sandbox Container

Malware is more sophisticated than ever, and leading analysis sandboxes admit that malware evades their products. Evasion techniques are freely available to hackers and easy-to-use, which means existing products will fail to secure your business.

Our sandbox, however, uses new technology to analyze samples in an environment that malware cannot detect or evade with old methods. Use Intafel technology and get the truth about malware in your networks.

Product Overview

Security engineers can upload a sample executable or URL to our sandbox, which then analyzes it and returns intelligence about potentially malicious activity.

We use industry-standard tools to identify malware processes spawned, files dropped, DLLs loaded, network activity, registry modifications, alternative data streams, raw disk activity, and more. We combine analysis results to increase confidence and reliability.

How is Intafel Different?

Instead of analyzing malware in a Virtual Machine, like existing malware sandboxes, we set up custom containers and execute malware in a native environment. Containers provide lighter-weight process isolation, which means we can use fewer resources to deliver better results.

Faster Analysis

Software containers have a fraction of the performance overhead of traditional sandboxes.

Better Results

Because we use containers instead of Virtual Machines, malware cannot use Anti-VM techniques to detect our sandbox and evade analysis.

Lower Costs, No Sales Gimmicks

Containers also use fewer computing resources, leading to lower costs than competitors. We believe in our product, so we want your security team to try it out for free. Sign up with just an email and get started in minutes.

What are the Benefits?

Stop Phishing

Identify new malware with unprecedented scale and precision to stop phishing campaigns early.

Identify and Remediate Infection

Learn about potential malware without setting up your own analysis environments.

Prevent Data Theft

Get intelligence about malware in your networks.